Olly played for more then 14 years on the highest professional level in Europe. He has more then 9 years experience as a coach in Dubai. with all his experience in and outside the pitch and his great personality he has the perfect combination of experience to learn the new upcoming generation all about football.




Naoifal El Boumeshouli is a licensed soccer coach from the Netherlands, where he was Born and raised up with the Worldknown "Dutch soccerschool" wich made him a complete soccerplayer. In his youth he was scouted by AJAX Amsterdam , one of the best soccer academies in the world and 4 times champions leaugue winning club, where he joined their talent development program.


Alex is an experienced, clever and very motivated coach who can motivate the kids in a perfect way. With his outstanding training skills, patience and football knowledge he has a good balance to determine exactly the need of each individual player.